Working from Home Happiness and Production

Don’t let the weight of your job squash your sense of self.

There is so much involved with Affiliate Marketing that we can sometimes get bogged down on the other hand, there is nothing wrong with a little fun.

You don’t have to always say yes to everything that comes your way, be it an invite to a party or function, a question or even a chance to do something completely out of the blue. Think twice before saying yes to something – you have the power to control your schedule and your time.



with a playful nature.

Anyone who’s ever struggled with finding something to say to a stranger, whether a potential business connection, new co-worker, neighbor or someone you regularly see while shopping or getting coffee knows that breaking the ice can be a challenge. Yet, a slight attitude change, such as adopting a playful nature, can help smooth away difficulties. Interactions with others, even those you’ve know a long time but may be experiencing a disagreement with or a rough patch, can be easier. Having fun and sharing activities with others helps build empathy, compassion, trust and intimacy.

Fun helps improve brain function.

It’s not only older adults hoping to stave off Alzheimer’s disease or dementia who can benefit from activities that stimulate and challenge the brain. Everyone can realize gains in mental acuity, concentration, focus and clarity from playing chess, working on puzzles or crosswords and other brain challenging activities. Not only do these activities work to improve brain function, they may also help prevent the onset of memory problems.

You say you’re working, but you’re playing yet another level of Candy Crush Saga…which one is it? Work or play? Playing during work time adds more time to your day and messes up your schedule. If you just sat down and worked, you’d be done so much sooner than if you stopped to play.

You get caught up in other people’s business and drama.

I heard Joey had this terrible truck accident last weekend, broke both arms, and has to settle things in court… plus his wife’s threatening to leave him and take the kids with her…” Blah, blah, blah. The gossip mills will always be turning with information that really isn’t useful to your life. Step away from the gossip and instead spend your time on yourself and creating a life you love. 

You check your smart phone every three minutes.

Constantly checking email, text messages, social media all adds up over time, especially if you are trying to relax. Put down the phone—or better yet, shut it off completely to prevent yourself from checking in every few minutes.

You participate in too many hobbies, clubs or extracurricular activities.

You signed up for yoga, Spanish lessons, pastry making, juggling lessons and antique cabinetry classes… every week! Stretching yourself thin is never good, especially when you were trying to relax in the first place. Narrow down your activities to one or two to keep things in check.

You don’t plan your day.

A day without plans can quickly turn into a day of doing things for other people, or doing things that aren’t really necessary, thereby wasting your time even more. Get started by jotting down at three tasks that must get done for tomorrow, as well as when you’ll stop working so you can rest and relax.